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Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Coffee Scale

Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Coffee Scale

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Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Coffee Scale

Compatible for both Espresso & Pour-over

The Black Mirror Basic+ single scale is the most cost-effective electronic coffee brewing scale so far. The weight and time information is presented in minimalism. When it is turned off, it is like a square board, which is natural; touch the screen to light up the screen; bringing unprecedented new technological experience.

A full-featured right-hand man:

Precision weighing also has timing function, easy to control the coffee making process. It can be used for hand-brewed coffee, Italian extraction, kitchen weighing, jewelry weighing. The elegant and pure white/black cube is like a piece of rough jade/black jade. The avenue is simple and natural.


– Accurate to 0.1g

– Minimum load: 0.5g

– Maximum load: 2.0kg

– Dimensions: 152x130x26mm

– Weight: 380g

– Battery: 1600mAh, high capacity lithium battery with 10-hour battery life

– Accessories: Silicone Pad, USB-C charging cable, manual


1. It is forbidden to use the power supply with fast charging function. It is recommended to use a 5V 1A-2A adapter for charging.

2. Please place it on a level and stable table for use.

3. Do not use it during charging.

4. This product is powered by a lithium battery. Please do not charge it after the power is exhausted. It is recommended to charge the lithium battery as you use it.

5. When the timing function is not turned on, it will automatically shut down after 3 minutes of standby; when the timing function is turned on, it will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of standby (standby means that there is no change in the measurement).

6. The surface of the panel is waterproof, and beware of liquid entering the gaps and charging ports of the fuselage.

7. The internal structure of the equipment is precise, and unauthorized disassembly is prohibited.

8. The equipment is guaranteed for 1 year, and unauthorized disassembly or man-made damage is not covered by the warranty.

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